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What people have to say about Woodbine

Woodbine Landscape Gardening & Groundwork aim to provide such a professional service that in turn produces returned custom and ongoing referals, here are just a few of what our customers had to say about their service.

"Many thanks for your kindness and patience, and for a very good job!"

- Geoffrey Walker
"Thank you for an excellent job. Not that you need it but if you want a referance then give us a shout"
"It's really, really wonderful, thank you so much" - Mr F Burkett
"We're very pleased with the paving and the fence. Thanks for doing such a great job"

"Over the years Jim has done many jobs for me including re-laying drainage pipework, laying a shed base, re-siting a drainage rodding eye, clearance of tree roots and re-laying an ancient patio and pathway.

Jim was able to interpret my requirements in order to complete each piece of work to my complete satisfaction. He was able to advise about the best way to approach the work and his estimation of the materials required proved to be 'spot on' which effectively kept my costs as low as possible.

He, and his staff were very careful and thorough in their preparation of the site and they completed it all meticulously – very tidy and safe. As a side issue, Jim and his team were very considerate to the needs of my dog and my elderly mother. As I now walk around my property and remember the processes that each job needed in order to be completed I'm glad that I decided to use this company in the first place, because since then I have been able to regularly engage them for work with complete confidence that I will get a good job for the right price."

- Jean Gallyer

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